The traditional 9-5 work environment is quickly becoming a thing of the past with more and more workplaces offering flexible work arrangements.

Here at Overells we have recently implemented "early Friday finishes" giving us the option to compress our work hours into four and a half days to finish work at 12.30pm on Friday afternoons. For me personally, the extra 45 minutes a day during the week seems like nothing when I am able to start my weekend half a day earlier, or fit in those everyday things such as going to the post office, which I am unable to do outside of normal work hours.

Flexible work arrangements can take on many forms such as variable work hours, working from home or even logging in remotely while travelling. It's no longer the case that employees need to be in the office to be productive.

Here are some of the advantages to consider:

Less time commuting – Studies show that the commute to and from work has negative impacts on your health and wellbeing. It has been linked to an increase in risk for depression and anxiety, decline in happiness and life satisfaction, lower sleep quality and increased blood pressure.

Increased productivity – Allowing employees to choose their hours means they are able to choose to work in hours when they know they will be their most productive selves. Flexible work also allows employees to appreciate their role, which can lead to valuable increases in productivity and performance.

Improved work life balance – Flexible work arrangements can give employees that extra time in their work week needed to achieve a good work life balance – whether that be picking up children from school or making more time for your own hobbies

Improved well-being – Employees with flexible work arrangements are likely to be less tired and better rested, reducing risks of fatigue, burnout and stress. This improves both physical and mental well-being and can boost morale.

Staff retention – Not having the option of flexible work arrangements can be a deal-breaker for potential employees and many view the option as a sign that they are valued by the business

Flexible work arrangements provide benefits for employers and employees alike and are certainly something worth considering if you haven't already.