Some people are more likeable than others.  It would seem they are just born lucky - a fluke of personality, good looks and charm.

Likeable people have an easier time in life; they make friends easily, cruise through school, have fun at uni, nail the post-uni interview, land the plum job etc.  Well maybe not quite, but being likeable does open doors, provide friendships, allows networking and an easier time at work.

So if you are not born likeable is there no hope for you?  I don't think so - everyone can develop the characteristics of being more likeable.

Likeable people:

  • are genuine – no one likes a fake
  • listen well without passing judgment
  • are not attention seeking but are humble, friendly and easy going
  • smile – that's an easy one to do often.  We are often reminded in the office that, "We don't smile because we are happy, we smile to make us happy"
  • greet people by name.  Everyone likes to feel they matter and when we use people's names we recognise them as individuals who do matter
  • are consistent as opposed to moody
  • know how to have fun!

For more ideas, refer to Dr Travis Bradberry's book, Emotional Intelligence 2.0.