The team recently attended a seminar on communication and were surprised to be lectured instead on our eating and lifestyle habits.  It turns out that what we eat and how we live our life determines not only how we look and how long we will live, our eating habits also affect our effective communication and gives us the fuel we need to succeed.

I have been watching Jamie Oliver's new series on TV and he has got me thinking about nutrition and the food that we put into our bodies. 

A few tips that I have picked up along the way

1.       Eat the rainbow! (m&m's don't count)

Different coloured foods have full of all sorts of different vitamins and minerals.  It's amazing how our bodies react to different minerals and the interaction between the minerals.  For example, you may not think that selenium is an important part of your diet, but without it you won't be able to absorb as many important vitamins.


2.       Don't cut foods out, add more!

Focusing on what you CAN and SHOULD eat is so much easier than what you can't eat any more.  Adding little things like legumes, beans and seeds to our diet is as simple as remembering to buy them when you go to the supermarket, and because we are eating more of the good stuff, there is less room for the bad stuff (and I should mention at this point that two squares of dark chocolate is good for you, so that's a staple on the shopping list)!


3.       Eat the way nature intended

Light, low-fat and diet foods focus on one area of the food group and pack in another one to make the food still taste ok.  For example, low fat yoghurt is packed full of sugar.  A lot of diet soft drinks and low sugar foods have the same ingredient that is used to kill ants!  That can't be good for you.  Eating naturally means we get a balance of all the natural vitamins, minerals and important fats and oils.


4.       If you can't draw it, don't eat it.

This is a new one for me.  Try reading the ingredients list and if you can't draw an ingredient, it's probably not great for you.  I personally don't know what food colouring 253 looks like, but I could probably draw something that resembles an apple.


So when you break it down, nutrition doesn't need to be difficult.  Eat a variety of natural, colourful food and before you know it, you will feel like you have more energy, more confidence and you will be commanding a room in no time.