In our office we aim to have energy, passion and commitment for all our clients and each other on a daily basis.  This mindset is centred on the world famous FISH! Principles from Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle.  The philosophy encompasses the positive way which a work environment can inspire the team to flourish and be more productive.  There are four very basic principles which can be applied across all facets of life, and truly do make a difference to your day-to-day mindset.  They will teach you that small changes can alter the way it feels to work, live, communicate and lead!


So let me introduce them:


We all know having fun makes time fly so why not apply this to every task.  No, this doesn't mean quit your everyday mundane tasks, it's about your mindset and attitude towards them.  Think outside the box, be creative and inventive in the way you problem-solve and complete tasks.  Try out a new method and encourage people to do things differently.  "Play" allows people to thrive and discover opportunities which may not have found.  It can energise a team and build a productive happy culture.  Everything can be boring if you make it, so don't!

Often the hardest to explain, "make their day" can create the biggest difference.  Here at Overells we try to make every interaction a positive, productive and most importantly, a meaningful experience.  "Make their day" is about simple and genuine actions, whether it be a smile, knowing a client by name or going the extra mile to help someone out with a problem.  When you treat people with kindness, patience and thoughtfulness the outcome is always better!  Not only is the interaction easier, you will most likely receive the same treatment back and who doesn't like to be treated nicely? 

This is by far the hardest principle to face on a daily basis.  With a million things going on, whether its balancing work, university, children, family or general life, we are all way too busy!  In today's world you are congratulated and praised for the art of multi-tasking and quite honestly none of us would survive without the skill.  However, when was the last time you completely focused on a conversation without making a coffee, doing the washing or cooking dinner.  I couldn't even walk to the train this morning without multitasking.  Not only was I walking, crossing roads, fixing my hair and checking I didn't forget anything, I was also on the phone to Mum.  How was I possibly taking in everything she said and making meaningful conversation?  This was also occurring at her end where she was on her computer, sending emails and scheduling her day.  So what was the point of this conversation?  Neither of us were 100% committed to the task.  "Be present" is all about being focused, listening and, well, being present without distraction or interruption.  So next time you are thoughtlessly going through the motions of everyday life, or multi-tasking a million things, stop.  Consider and re-adjust your mindset and priorities.  You may just realise all the things you are missing out on!

All of us have bad days and tend to remember the negatives in our lives.  "Choose your attitude" is exactly that - choose how you want to behave and react to the world around you!  On a daily basis we face challenges and problems which can simply get us down, however responding to these in a constructive and positive way can make all the difference.  Ensure you are appreciative for all the good things that occur and celebrate your success!  Every morning choose a positive attitude and look at the world through new eyes.  We are very lucky with what we have and should appreciate everything, not get bogged down by the bad bits.  Attitudes are infectious so spread the positivity!

Although simple these principles can change your outlook on life for the better! Try them out and let us know how you go.  If you are keen to learn more about the FISH! principles we have a short DVD which we can loan you, just contact our office.