For the past three days I have been at a conference about social media and firms of the future.  There were a few points that really enlightened my view of the business world and the direction in which it is progressing.  Here are a few that can be applied to any business:

1.       You need to be completely self-aware and find your clarity in business.

This is for a few reasons.  Firstly, trust is crucial now more than ever and if you are not in touch with your purpose in business and your purpose in life, if you are not in touch with yourself and your motivation, you will not be able to provide value to your clients on a level that really resonates.  Many successful people take a leap of faith in the business world, they dare to be different, and this drive is shown in their work and their business so like-minded people gravitate towards them.


2.       Learn about your clients in a holistic sense

Too many businesses nowadays focus on the transaction rather than the interaction with their clients.  You should always be striving to know about your clients and their lives, this knowledge will enhance your client relationships and business practices.  Take an accounting firm for example, we have a few options to go about processing someone's accounts; we can just do what they ask and get the refund that they think they are entitled to, or we can talk to our clients, understand their business and their situation, and think about what else they might be entitled to, to ensure that all their hard work pays off accordingly.  This not only makes our clients happy and exceeds their expectations but also resonates highly with our company values and the personality of the team at Overells.


3.       All of your energy sources need to be aligned for you to operate effectively.

We all know that to ensure a good output we need to put good food into our body get enough exercise and ensure we are well rested for the next day, Laura highlighted the importance of this in her blog on healthy eating.  What is often underestimated is the impact that the people surrounding us, our environment and our thoughts may have on us as well.  All of these aspects need to be in alignment to ensure maximum productivity, for example if your office is stuffy or the air conditioner is too cold, or your workmates are being uncooperative this will hinder your effectiveness and your internal satisfaction.

There were many things I learned at the conference however I feel that being self-aware and letting this into your business to show that you are genuine and authentic is key, possibly now more than ever in the business world.