The answer is no, of course, driving is a useful skill for many people in both professional and domestic situations.  In our culture you could call it an essential life skill, especially since the vast majority of Australians who are old enough to hold a driver's licence do so and very few households don't have a car.

Another prolific tool nowadays is computers.  Most houses and business have them but their most basic use, typing, is a seemingly overlooked life skill.  It is a task that many people carry out repetitively, day-in day-out.  Making small adjustments to repetitive tasks can dramatically improve output but this one is often ignored when it comes to increasing productivity.

Most of us are self-taught typers which means we are very likely to have bad habits.  Touch typing has been shown to increase productivity by a massive 40% and luckily there are some free and easy tools out there to help improve this vital skill.  And, not only will your typing efficiency improve but you'll soon stop wasting time navigating frequently used applications with your mouse.

My recommendation for online typing lessons is Typing Club.  This free website allows you to log in and track progress as you move through their short lessons.  Each lesson breaks down one aspect of touch typing and just a few minutes practice each day allows you to learn the skill bit by bit.  This small time investment could lead to a significant increase in your productivity, what have you got to lose?