For the past two years we have been using Praemium, a portfolio admin service, which allows us to efficiently and accurately process a client's portfolio for year end tax purposes.

Key advantages include:

  • fully automated corporate actions to handle situations such as demergers and consolidations
  • automatic broker feeds and upload function to record buys and sells efficiently
If you have a portfolio which consists mainly of term deposits, listed shares or other equity investments, then Praemium portfolio reports may well assist with your investment performance reporting and management.

Praemium has another online feature, V Wrap Investor, which allows access to reports and graphs of:

  • daily trade info
  • portfolio performance
  • performance for any listed security
  • estimated dividends/distributions
  • market activity showing top twenty upward moving securities
  • broker trades analysis by security

If you have a portfolio already set up with us, it is free to access once we have given you a log in.  Watchlists and alerts can also be set up.

So please feel free to contact us if this interests you.