In keeping with our commitment to the community, Overells has recently donated to Cystic Fibrosis Queensland (CFQ) - a charity much underfunded by the government and, accordingly, in desperate need of assistance.  Currently CFQ receive only 46c per client per day from the government - what is really needed is at least $3.74 per client per day!

Founded in 1960 by concerned parents of children with cystic fibrosis, CFQ's mission is "to provide the education, support and services that empower people in the cystic fibrosis community to realise their full potential."

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease that is screened and detected at birth.  It causes thick mucous secretions, predominantly in the lung and pancreas, which lead to chronic lung infections and digestive and absorption difficulties. It is a lifelong condition with no cure but modern treatments such as physiotherapy, antibiotics and digestive enzymes have increased the life expectancy and quality of life of sufferers.

Some facts about cystic fibrosis include:

  • Over 3000 Australians have it
  • More than 1 million Australians carry the gene
  • A baby is born every 4 days with it
  • 80% of parents were unaware they were carriers of the disease
  • Average life expectancy is 37 years
  • There is no cure

It was not hard for Overells staff to choose where this month's donation would go.  Cystic Fibrosis Queensland was a clear winner!

Although not one that appears on the balance sheet, good health is your most important asset! We are all fortunate enough here to have it in abundance and are excited to make a contribution to those who don't.