Recently I had to scan something outside of work, using my 10 year old scanner and its 10 year old scanning software.  The experience resulted in an almost irresistible itch to throw my scanner out the window!  So after this crazed outburst it occurred to me that other people must be feeling the same frustration.

With so much of our lives being conducted on the computer and with more and more focus on the environment and running paperless systems, we should be considering updating our old technology to make our lives easier.

So here it is, my spiel about the wonderful capabilities of a program 'Paperport' which we use here at Overells -  and before you start shaking your head the program is only a one off payment of $100 - well worth it to make your life a little easier!

Some of the many features of Paperport include:

1.  The ability to handle and adjust scanned documents a lot more easily and with more features than are normally available from other scanner software, including

  • resizing documents to a smaller file size
  • adding annotations
  • highlighting information
  • rotating documents that are in landscape
  • adding stamps, notes and arrows

2.   You are able to add a security function to the actual PDF document when you want a higher level of security

3.   Once you have scanned a document to Paperport, you can convert this into a Word document or into an Excel spreadsheet.  An example of where this could be useful is to scan in your old bank statements and then convert these to Excel, where you can easily sum and fiddle around with it.  So much better than the informationt being static on a piece of paper stored in your ancient filing cabinet, never to see the light of day!

4.  Have you ever had a form you have downloaded online and then had to print it out, complete with a pen and then rescan the document?  There is a built in feature of Paperport called 'PDF viewer plus'.  Just drag your PDF to this and then you are able to type directly into the PDF document, saving you the hassle of printing and rescanning (and messy handwriting if you are anything like some of my colleagues!)

5.  You don't need to be a whiz on the computer to work it out (lucky for me!)

Click here to go to the manufacturer's website.

If you don't want a whole program such as Paperport, but you do want convert your Word or Excel documents to PDF in an easy manner, why not consider using a PDF printer driver, such as Cute PDF, which is available for free - click here for a link to the website to download the program.

If you are interested in hearing more about either of these programs please feel free to contact us.