Recently, a Russian forum user claimed he had hacked LinkedIn, uploading almost 6.5 million encrypted passwords (without usernames) as proof.

Some of the most popular passwords uploaded were "link", "work" "job" "1234" "12345" "Michael" "Jordan" and "princess" - indicating we aren't a very creative group when it comes to securing our privacy!!

If your password is among the millions stolen, you should not only change it as soon as possible but also update other accounts you have that use the same password.

The experts say that to have a secure password, you should NOT use

  •  a word in the dictionary
  •  your or a loved ones name
  •  a common phrase such as ilove...
  •  numbers in sequence
  • words relating to the site that you use the password for

You should focus on using


You should also not allow your password to be 'saved' by your browser - if you use Firefox you can test to see what information is available to anyone who accesses your computer:
  • go to tools > options > security > saved passwords
  • click the show passwords button
  • Voila -a list of passwords is available to whoever has control of your computer & no password needed!

This information is not readily available on Internet Explorer, you would have to install an application to do this, however it would take only minutes for someone to do this and access your passwords.

To keep your information secure, it's time to start considering using a password tool such as LastPass and 1Password which are designed to help users create and manage unique, secure password.