If someone mistypes a webpage address, or clicks a link to a page you don't have activated anymore, what do they see?

If you aren't sure, why not misspell a URL to a page on your website, and have a look.  The page that comes up is known as your 404 page.

Do you like what you see?  And more importantly, does your message help your clients/customers find what they are looking for?

If you don't have a custom 404 page, you may have something plain, and unhelpful, like


A good 404 page will suit the style of your business, and help your customer find what they are looking for:


If it's time to update your 404 page, do some research by searching "404 errors", have a good chuckle at some of the ideas out there and decide what you would like your page to do.  Then arrange for your IT guru or website designer to update your page.