All too often we can consistently overlook, undervalue or never acknowledge what we do appreciate.  I read a story recently that I found thought provoking.

A workplace supervisor was faced with the challenge of her team not working well together.  There were numerous absentee days, those working were under increasing pressure and criticism, and resentment was rife.  The supervisor called a meeting and sketched petals of a flower on a whiteboard, each petal to represent members of the staff.  She asked individuals to reflect on the qualities and strengths of one another they did appreciate and value.  Team members were quite shocked and even incredulous at the qualities people saw in them.  The supervisor continued this process over the following weeks.  To her delight she found that sick days reduced week by week and morale totally changed.  Unanticipated was a change also in their clients - the elderly in a nursing home.  There was improvement in their health, moods and attitudes.

If we do give appreciation and acknowledge when we feel it, could it then be much easier to deal with issues that cause stress and irritations?  It might help us be more conscious in our conversations as well as bring about some remarkable and memorable communications.

So, it is timely to acknowledge the importance that each team members plays in your workplace - it will go a long way!