Could the act of doodling be a beneficial habit and not just a (beneficial) waste of time and paper?

A recent study tested this theory - half of the participants doodled whilst carrying out a memory recall exercise.  The memory of the chosen doodlers was 30% better.  Test results indicated the beneficial effects of doodling - enhanced attention and memory.

So why does it work?  It is speculated that doodling helps people concentrate because it stops their minds wandering but doesn't interfere with the primary task of listening.

Research on doodling might sound a little trivial but it is interesting to note that this speaks to us about many facets of human psychology as well as serving a higher purpose other than just wasting time and paper.

So, next time you are stuck in a boring meeting or you a forced to listen to a monotone speaker, why not doodle a little - this could help maintain your focus to recall the vital facts.