In a world where our legal system is becoming increasingly more complex, clarity, certainty is extremely hard to come by.

The idea behind the car-cam is simple: from the time you turn on the ignition to the time you turn it off, a camera installed on the top of your windscreen records the events unfolding in front of you as you drive.  Should there be any accidents or other mishaps, you have everything on tape to use as evidence.  It will give a clear and unbiased version of what happened, and may protect you in a position where it's your word against that of a dishonest driver.

Not convinced yet? Watch this Youtube video

With the popularity of car-cams on a rise, it's likely to be only a matter of time until insurance companies in Australia will be giving discounts on your insurance premiums if have you a car-cam installed.

In the UK some insurance companies are already offering up to a 15% discount for young drivers that fit these cameras.

You can pick one up for between $100-$170 at your local Harvey Norman store (and presumably many other retailers or on-line).