Yes I know, it's a horribly over-used an annoying phrase, but there's a lot of substance to it!


I came to the realisation recently that every time I come across a problem where I need information, a tool or function, I am increasingly grabbing my smartphone for the solution.


Example: Last month I purchased a dart board, and when I came to set it up I realised I had three problems:


1.    I didn't know how high the dart board was meant to be from the floor

2.    I didn't have a bubble leveller to mount the board straight

3.    I actually had no idea how to mount a dart board


So I grabbed my smartphone and quickly solved my problems:


1.    It took about 5 seconds to find the height requirement on Google

2.    I found an app that turned my phone into a bubble leveller for free

3.    Again using Google, I quickly found a step-by-step guide for correctly installing a dart board


The chances are that if a function can be programmed and there is a demand for it, multiple variations of it will already exists on your app store.  It is a certainly much cheaper and quicker that driving to the hardware store just to buy a bubble leveller!