It always amused me how David Overell would adjust the height of his desk throughout the day and continue his work standing up. But perhaps there's more to standing up at work than just getting comfortable.


A recent study at the University of Leicester has shown that standing up at work can reduce a person's risk of diabetes, heart disease and death. The study compared the health effects of workers who remained seated for long periods of time with those who alternated between sitting and standing.


Research at the University of Queensland has also linked standing up at work with productivity and performance. The research suggests that workers are more focused, energized and more engaged when they periodically stand up to do their tasks. An article in In the Black magazine highlights an emerging trend for height adjustable desks in the workplace. Many workplaces in Japan have even installed alarms to signal when employees must stand up.


So, while it could be some time before the modern workplace shifts to adjustable workstations, make sure to stand up throughout your day - the evidence is certainly for it!

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