There are some little changes you can consider to make your workplace a friendly environment and make every day at work more enjoyable for you and others.  Even small changes could drastically change attitudes to be more positive. Increased employee satisfaction can have a significant impact on productivity and therefore financial benefits for your business!
1.     Doing tasks that have meaning
Even if you're just doing a job to pay the rent while you wait for your dream job opportunity, you like to feel appreciated for your work.  Set little goals and celebrate each achievement to have a fulfilling professional life.
Constructive feedback
Whether it's positive or negative feedback it represents a very important instrument for measuring the quality of your work.  Not knowing how well you're doing can have a big impact on your stress level at work

3.     Smiling co-workers
When you get to work say hello to everyone.  It costs nothing and a day goes better when you're surrounded by smiling co-workers.  If something bad is happening outside work, choose to leave it there - let the positive attitudes from everyone around you help build your smile through the day.  
4.     Having a mentor
A mentor is more than just a teacher, it is someone who inspires you to learn and be the best you can be. 

5.     A training program
Two important concepts for any employee are education and progression.  Nobody wants to be stuck in a job where they do the same thing every single day for forty years.  A good training program will ensure employees are motivated.

Open-minded interaction
Sessions where all employees are allowed to have input create a healthy workplace.

7.     Nice tools....
You'd be surprised at how many employees complain they can't even get the basic stationery required to carry out their tasks.  And how much better is it when you have a fast computer?

8.    ....
And a good chair
As explained in one of our previous blogs, there is evidence to show that how you sit (or stand) at work directly affects your health.  Are there any improvements you could make to your chair?

9.     Good coffee and tasty tea
It doesn't cost much more to offer employees a variety of teas and good coffee.  Perhaps you could invest in a coffee machine, even a 'pod' style one which makes your drink in the same time it would take to boil the kettle for a cup of boring, tasteless instant coffee.

10.   Music
Music is a very important aspect in a person's happiness.  Being forced to listen to dance music all day, every day, can be very tiresome, stressful and headache inducing.  As can listening to the same few songs on repeat.  Can you set up a combined playlist so everyone can have (appropriate) input?

11.  Chocolate
Not just chocolate.  How good does it feel to share a cake, some cookies or cheese and biscuits with your co-workers.  Organise a weekly morning tea and take it in turns to bring in the goodies.  Engage with your colleagues and make sure you discuss things from outside of work.

12.   Flexible hours
It's not possible for every business to offer flexi-time but people enjoy work a lot more knowing they can leave the office to take care of personal business without hassle.

Work-life balance
Employment is only one part of a person's life.  Encourage a healthy work-life-well-being balance by offering an exercise session each week. 


Also consider 'happiness barriers'- things may need to be removed from your workplace.  These include:

A stressful atmosphere based on a 'no room for error' policy

-         Lack of communication and social interaction between colleagues

-         Constant absence of a manager or team leader

-         Too many rules interfering with work

-         No support for new ideas or suggestions

-         Lack of a proper channel for feedback to and from colleagues and managers

-         Over-monitoring of employee schedules

-         No team activities outside of work


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