Is working from home all it is cracked up to be?

Or is it just an excuse for not coming into the office for the day?

Several of our team at Overells work from home one day a week.  When asked what they perceive as the benefits they cite convenience (no travel time!), flexibility and the knowledge that the boss trusts them to work the required hours without supervision. 


A recent article by Jim Clifton, chairman and CEO of Gallup concludes working from home for less than 20% of the time can be great for both the employee and the company. 


However, the more time spent working remotely, the more likely the employee is to become "disengaged".  In fact, those people who spend all of their time working remotely are nearly twice as likely to be actively disengaged compared with those who telecommute less than 20% of the time!!


So while it would seem that working remotely less than 20% of the time is very good for engagement, doing so for 100% of the time is very bad! 


Disengaged employees are not only miserable, they spread their misery among their colleagues via emails and phone calls - isolation means no friends and no fun! 


It seems that while people love their freedom, they also draw immeasurable energy and inspiration from human interactions in the workplace - they feed off being around their colleagues. 


So when it comes to telecommuting, is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

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