Becoming more productive at work doesn't have to be a result of long hours or making significant changes to your routine. There are so many ways you can improve productivity that are simple and easy to implement.

These 5 tips, taken from a recent online article from Jeff Haden, can help you "better use your time and stay more focused" at work.


1.      Create systems, not goals

Coming up with a goal isn't enough to achieve a desired outcome. You need to implement a process that helps you achieve your goal and commit to it. "Focus on what you will do, and not on what you want to happen"


2.      Build in frequent breaks

"The key to not burning out is to not let burnout sneak up on you". Scheduling in small, frequent breaks is a great way to take a quick moment to rejuvenate and reset your focus. This should in turn help keep your stress levels down and increase your efficiency!


3.      Use your mind for thinking not remembering

Your mind isn't the place for to-do-lists and information you need to remember. Keeping these things written down and out of your head will allow you to focus on more important things such as current projects etc. "Don't waste mental energy trying to remember important tasks or ideas - that's what paper is for"


4.      Turn off alerts

Having alerts for phone calls, text messages and new emails takes your attention away from whatever else you are working on. To be more productive, switch these alerts off. You can allocate a few minutes every hour or so to catch up on anything you have missed, without getting dragged away from your current task. This will keep you focused and more productive.


5.      Be inspired by small success

Any type of success - big or small - is a rewarding and motivating achievement. Taking the time to celebrate and congratulate yourself on minor accomplishments can therefore encourage you on to achieve major success in the future, so be inspired by the small things!



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