We recently attended a breakfast seminar at the Australian Institute of Management where Adam Franklin, from Bluewire Media, passed on some thoughts regarding ways that businesses can improve their internet marketing. 

Bluewire Media are recognised leaders in the field with thousands of email subscribers and an industry-renowned blog that has been rated as one of Australia's 'Top 20 Business Blogs' for the last three years.  Adam is their marketing manager and also writes a regular column for Startup Smart and the Sydney Morning Herald.

At the breakfast, Adam suggested the following web marketing strategies for those looking for better outcomes (no doubt that would be all of us):

  • Have more quality suppliers/clients/customers/referrers/associates etc refer and link to your website as part of their web presence (referred to as "backlinks") – this will result in your business being higher up in Google searches
  • Ensure that your blog is of a high quality and is a problem solver
  • Get people to reblog your blog
  • Ensure that the subject line is one that will get the blog opened without misleading people (for example, go to the list of most popular posts on your favourite blogger's site)
  • When writing a blog start with the main headlines, then "fill those out" and then come back to the headline and determine from there
  • Ensure that your website is predominantly a place where people can transact with you
  • Look at having "flagship" content that you give away for free, but have completion of contact details and possibly even a short needs questionnaire as part of the process of obtaining the information
  • Have a FAQ section
  • Review Adam's blog "The 7 deadly sins of marketing" at www.smartcompany.com.au
  • Write your material as if you're talking to one person and try to picture them
  • When emailing people regarding free material keep it simple and point out the reason it is useful
  • Consider hiring a journalist to write your content

He also had some interesting tips regarding how to get better "open rates" on emails:

  • Ensure the email is from a person, rather than a business
  • Use capital letters in the subject line and don't include the word FREE

These tips certainly appear to be sound and well worth trying, especially in an increasingly competitive business environment where a successful web presence could very well mean the difference between success and failure for your business.

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