After recently returning from a three week American adventure I have found settling back into reality a bit tough. Here are a few tips and tricks that might help you get through your own post holiday blues when returning to the office:

Back to work we go

Obviously being absent from your job means there are a lot of things to catch up on.  To ensure this doesn't drown you on your first day back I would suggest the following:

  • start with the most recent emails instead of being tempted to read the oldest first.  This way you are getting the most current information and older emails may then become irrelevant.  You will cut down on a lot of unnecessary reading time.
  • filter emails by subject or topic.  This will group emails into categories which you may then be able to delete all at once if you know what is irrelevant now.
  • prioritise, prioritise, prioritise!  You can't do everything at once so it is best to assign importance to tasks and work in that order.  This will stop you from jumping around from task to task, and will actually take you less time to get up to date than if you tackled it all in one go.

Routine, what routine?

One of the hardest things about being back is returning to my normal routine. Slight jetlag won't help here, but in general our holiday-self is not going to be used to a normal day-to-day routine. This means we have to force ourselves back.

  • Sleep is crucial.  Getting back to your usual sleep routine is vital. If you have been overseas and jetlag is a factor, try and avoid going overboard with coffee and energy drinks as this will leave you feeling worse when you come down from your caffeine rush.  To get back into the routine you may want to try setting an alarm at the same time each day, or ensuring you start 'winding down' around the same time each night until you return to normal.
  • Exercise!  Being physically active will help improve your mood, alertness and reduce potential weight gained while away. I have found this the hardest routine to get back into and have used every excuse possible to avoid it. Taking it easy by going on slow walks and anything that gets you out and about will be beneficial.

Holiday calories don't count but home calories do!

I think it is fair to say that we all indulge a bit more than usual on food when on holidays.  However once home it probably isn't the best idea to continue every day with breakfast, second breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, dessert and possible pre-sleep snack.

When you return home to an empty fridge and pantry, don't be tempted to hit the takeaway shops.  Make the effort to do a big grocery shop and buy lots of fresh fruit and veg that are often lacking in a holiday diet.  If the freshness doesn't entice you then you should be able to guilt yourself into eating the food you bought so as not to waste it, even if you would rather a fat juicy burger!

Almost there

It is important to remember that your sulky mood is only temporary. Hooray! For the first week or so after returning from your holiday take it easy on yourself and remember you were lucky enough to go on holidays in the first place! So chin up, life will continue and you will be okay in a few weeks.

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