For most people, just thinking about a job interview is enough to make nerves run high.  Fortunately, as it is such a wide reaching problem, there are numerous tips to use in order to get through the toughest of interviews:

1.     Research

Being asked what you already know about the company is a pretty common question, but it can go horribly wrong if you don't have an answer ready.  For a starting point, go to the company's website and have a look at what they actually do.  Having a quick look at a website can tell you the size, values and even staff of a company.  The more you know, the easier it will be to answer this question and give the chance to exhibit your knowledge in later stages of the interview.

2.     "What is your biggest weakness?"

This is hard a question to answer if you want to avoid cliché answers such as "I'm a perfectionist."  Employees want to see that you are able to recognize your weaknesses and make an effort to improve them.  Try to give an example of what you've done to develop these flaws.

3.     Practice!

Be aware of common and even not-so-common interview questions and make sure you have an answer ready for every question– write it down if you have to – and practice how you will deliver your answer.  If a question comes up that you've practiced, you're less likely to "Umm" and "Ahh." Make sure you don't go overboard with this, though. There's nothing worse then sounding over-rehearsed and not letting your personality shine through.

4.     Ask questions

It's a two way street, so you need to decide if you're suited to the role and the company.  Ask about where this role will lead to, what are the best and worst features of the job and any other information you may need to make up your mind.  This is also a chance to display any skills or talents you may want the interviewer to know that haven't been brought up yet.

Finally, be confident, dress appropriately and be on time!  Be familiar with your strengths and use them to your best advantage.

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