Occasionally there seems to be one person who ends up doing everything – whether it be at home, work or elsewhere.  We all know that getting two people to lift a heavy box makes it much easier to lift, so why don't we share other loads as well?

Recently a couple of our team members attended a seminar on business planning and one of the discussion items was ways to share the load.  In our office we have some staff members who get a lot of the work at this time of year, due to their area of specialty, so naturally we decided to give the idea a go.

We now have a row of vases with pebbles in.  Each pebble represents a job that needs to be done.  As a job is completed, a pebble gets moved along until it is in the done bucket. 

This gives all of us a visual representation of how the work is going and helps us identify where we may be able to assist the workflow.  So far it seems to be a success and the whole team is coming up with ways to share the load.  Because we can all see the results of our efforts, it is a way of sharing the rewards rather than just the work.

So, what else can we share around?  For a while now we have been sharing the writing of these blogs.  Each team member writes approximately one blog every six months, and it doesn't seem like such an arduous task if you only write two a year.

Here are a few ideas of things that we could share in an office environment:

  • Writing social media posts/blogs/newsletters
  • Bringing in morning tea
  • Doing the washing/cleaning the kitchen
  • Leading training sessions
  • Chairing meetings
  • Updating checklists and procedures

There are numerous studies that have been done that show that mental health deteriorates with prolonged levels of stress.  So by sharing the load around, we can all reduce our stress and become more productive and healthy!