Domino's has piqued my interest.  It started a few months ago after talking to a colleague who had attended a function at which the marketing manager of Domino's spoke.  You may or may not be aware that the company has a Pizza Tracker App which allows you to see the progress of your pizza from order to oven to delivery.

The real reason behind Domino's Pizza Tracker apparently is not to make the pizza delivery drop off quicker and thereby decrease Domino's operating costs, but rather to educate consumers for when robots deliver pizzas.  Robots delivering pizza is closer than I thought. as recently Domino's released DRU, short for Domino's Robotic Unit, to the streets of Sydney.  The design is really cute and reminds me of a Steven Spielberg inspired movie such as ET.  If I knew DRU would deliver my pizza I'd order one just for the novelty of it.

In 2013, Domino's successfully delivered two pizzas by commercial drone which they named the DomiCopter.  The DomiCopter has not been commercialised at this stage.

It would appear however that Amazon are closer to drone delivery with an announcement in November last year that they will be using drones to deliver packages in the not too distant future.

The video in this link is really fascinating – Amazon Prime Air

While talking about the recent developments my colleague and I reflected on the ways businesses over the years have changed consumer behaviour and expectation.  Fuelling up at the petrol station came to mind.  When I was a child no one pumped their own fuel.  It was expected that the driver sat in the car while the petrol was pumped by the attendant, the windscreen cleaned and payment made in cash.  Progressively some fuel stations offered a discount to fuel up yourself.  Now everyone fuels up themselves and no discount is provided.

Internet banking is another example.  My parents were late adopters and persisted in using a cheque book and the bank branch long after most people converted to the convenience of online banking, an ATM and credit cards.  Eventually though my parents succumbed due to the increased costs of doing business the old way.

Some people adopt changes more readily than others but it would seem eventually we all transition whether we like it or not.

I personally am looking forward to when my late night online shopping is delivered by drone and cute little robots are sharing the footpath delivering my lunch.