Cadet Experiences

Chris Muthukrishna | Overells Chris Muthukrishna

My experience at Overells has been so much more rewarding than I could have ever expected. The opportunity to learn and work with such a supportive team has seen me develop on both a professional and personal level. Often times at university it is difficult to see the practical implications of topics covered, but being able to apply that learning at work in meaningful ways really consolidates your understanding and makes studies that much more worthwhile. The unique culture at Overells also assists this development and makes the whole journey so enjoyable. As a result I have been able to put a firm foot in the industry at an early stage in my career.

Laura Millar | Overells
Laura Millar

Since beginning at Overells I have felt like part of the family here. It is a fun, friendly environment and I can honestly say I love the days I get to come to work. You will learn things at Overells before you learn them at University and well before most students are able to get the hands on experience that we have here. Your opinion, whether young or old, is valued and considered in all matters. During my first three months I was given responsibilities I couldn't have imagined having and I've accomplished so much. Working here has given me inspiration to do even better at university so that I can improve my performance at Overells.


Heinrich Venzke | Overells
Heinrich Venzke
My journey at Overells started in November 2011. Unlike any other job where it is just a job, my time here has been a stimulating experience filled with challenging tasks conducted in a positive and supportive learning environment. The office has a friendly feel to it, and this is epitomised with a range of fun and interactive events on the social calendar. I feel privileged to have been given this unique opportunity to work in the same field in which I study at university. It has proven to be a distinct learning advantage for my development as a professional and as a person.

Cadet achievements

To date, a total of 11 university undergraduates have participated in the Overells cadetship program, which has been running since 2008. In that time we have seen many of them go on to achieve success in a number of areas, including:

  • Award of Honours scholarship
  • Award of scholarship with the Business & Economics Faculty (University of Qld) to study overseas via an exchange program
  • Dean's commendation on transcripts for high university results
  • Awards for topping the university course results for commerce subjects
  • Employment in global/corporate entities
  • Employment in large city-based chartered accountancy firms

The cadets at Overells are employed at different stages of their university degree. They all collaborate on study/subject tips and hints and they provide each other with overall guidance whilst progressing through their degree.

Their success so far demonstrates that the practical experience gained at Overells assists them academically and enables them to achieve their future career goals.

Jenny Xie

Jenny Xie | Overells

Awarded an
Honours scholarship
Sally Overell

Sally Overell | Overells

Award for achieving highest
subject results
for university degree
Overells cadets

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