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At Overells, we focus on the provision of services to owner managed businesses. We see ourselves as an integral part of the management team of each client's business, supplementing the skills that are not always available within a smaller enterprise. The processing of individual income tax returns is not a major focus in our business, but is provided in conjunction with our accounting and management services.

Our clients are from a broad spectrum of the Australian economy and include manufacturers, distributors, retailers, professional and other service providers as well as investors. The majority of our clients have been referred by existing satisfied clients.

We survey our clients using the "Net Promoter Score" methodology. In essence this asks for a rating on how likely our client is to refer us to friends and associates.

We are delighted and proud that the majority of our clients respond, and our current average score is 9.25 out of a maximum of 10.

These are some of the comments made with the responses:

  • "Professional, timely, informed, available for discussion" - E. Curl, May 2017
  • "Fantastic service and support" - Emberin Pty Ltd, April 2016

  • "As ever I received an excellent level of service from Overells.  Professional service delivered in a no-fuss, friendly manner" - J Crawford, February 2016

  • "Overells provide an excellent accountancy service and professional tax advice" - A. Hayes, November 2015
  • "Always good service and advice." - P. Mula, October 2015
  • "Very prompt and responsive service. Excellent professional/technical knowledge. Very user-friendly with internet-based tools. Why a 9 and not a 10? - because no-one gets a 10!!" - D. Gately, May 2015

  • "The service is excellent and you look after us well" - G. & M. Miller, April 2015

  • "You do not need to improve anything I can think of. Support is timely and valuable. Your advice has always been prudent and well explained." - K. Ziirsen, January 2015

  •  "Over the past 20 years Overells has consistently provided informed and timely advice, as well as accurate and reliable accountancy and additional advice on reducing fees and tax." - L. George, July 2014

  •  "The service I have received has been very good- prompt and well considered." - K. Andersen, July 2014

  • "Excellent personal attention, easy and pleasant manner, good record-keeping and admin etc, accurate and good attention to detail." - A. Sharp, June 2014
  • "No improvement necessary. Always responsive, thorough and considered." - M. Cooper, June 2014
  • "Promises are kept; commitments on when work will be done are kept; commitments on getting back to me are kept; commitments to quality of work is kept." - G. & J. Parker, June 2014
  • "Although clients for some 30+ years and have dealt with many of your staff - the principal still has the last say, knows all our business structures and is in a position to advise on matters which enhance our business plans and minimise tax through good planning. We are very happy with the service." - N. & E. Mandikos, June 2014
  • "Overells provide proactive, forward-thinking advice and are very responsive when asked to assist." - N Lawson, June 2014
  • "We have been delighted with your service over the years. Maybe the only improvement would be to nag us soon and often after the end of the financial year to send you our tax information." - C. Baldwin, June 2014
  • "A very professional and knowledgeable business with a very supportive and helpful staff." - D & H Matthews, June 2014
  • "Easy, relaxed advice." - D. Hosking, May 2014
  • "Your business is beyond thorough. Your staff have excellent customer service skills and your management give us peace of mind." - C. Courtney, May 2014
  • "Friendly, prompt service. Good at follow-through." - G. & S. Playford, May 2014
  • "Good service, very professional." - T. Berly, May 2014
  • "Excellent service and sound advice." - J. France, May 2014
  • "I have previously recommended to colleagues and friends and will continue to do so due to quality of service." - D. Maddison, March 2014
  • "Overells have always been proactive alerting me to possible changes. Excellent service." - M. Powell, March 2014
  • "All staff are very friendly and obliging. Work is done when they say it will be." - D. Carey, February 2014
  • "Overells is a very professional and thorough firm with excellent staff" - D. Negus, February 2014
  • "Efficient service and very proactive." -G. Cocking,January 2014
  • "The excellent, professional and personal care given to our complex accounting scenarios, andtimely responses, have minimised the workload for us and I feel has helped us to be more successful in our business." - C. Hebbard, January 2014
  • "We have found the staff to be very professional, efficient and friendly. This makes us feel comfortable and at ease." - R. Wihardjo, December 2013

  • "Overells are right on top of the tax rules that affect my business" - P. Damm, December 2013

  • "We have given a rating of 9/10 simply because we never give 10/10. The service received from Overells has always been friendly, efficient and cost effective." - A. & J. Powell, December 2013
  • "We have referred a couple of colleagues already. The service is excellent -phone calls and emails are always answered promptly andeveryone is organised when we come for meetings which is much appreciated so that no-one wastes their time. We are always appraised of new and exiting staff members. Staff are attentive, respectful and willing to help.A pragmatic approach to tax issues is always applied." - J. White, October 2013
  •  "I have had the pleasure of Gavin's first rate experience for a number of years now. As my key trusted advisor for all individual and company accounting issues, Gavin and the team have delivered first-class service, advice and value to my business.  He consistently displays the highest levels of integrity and care in all facets of his work, and is a true delight to work with. I would have no hesitation of recommending Gavin to anyone seeking a true business advisor." - S. Blanch, August 2013

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Some of Overells previous employees have spoken about their time with us:

Emily Dransfield, who moved to Sydney for the next step in her career after completing the Overells cadetship:

Working at Overells for five and half years has been both a challenging and a rewarding period of my life.

  • The cadetship allowed me to grow both office experience and strong technical skills.  The knowledge that I have accumulated over my time at Overells is incomparable for someone starting out in the accounting industry and has set me up to be in an advantageous position in taking the next steps in my career. 
  • David and Gavin are managers that take the time to guide you through different problems and provide access to interesting problems our clients face and show how we can best set them up for success which is something young accountants may not have access to until further in their careers. 
  • The open management policy means that you feel part of the business and that your opinions are valued and taken into consideration when business decisions are made.  The lack of bureaucracy means decisions can be made and actions put in place a lot faster than larger companies.  This places Overells to be an extremely agile business that in times of uncertainty means changes and efficiencies can be implemented instantly. 
  • Having client contact from the start allows staff to feel connected to clients and encourages professional relationships to be built which is something I didn't think I would be privy to so early on. 
  • The team at Overells is a strong one.  As a young cadet starting out, the internal support system was next to none.  Having cadets further along in the program helped see where you could get to and the responsibilities you would soon take on.

Everyone at Overells truly cares about the work that they do and the important impact it can have on their clients.  So whether you are a client or an employee Overells is a company you want to be a part of. 

Bronte Packer Hill, who left to continue her promising career after finishing our cadet program.

My four years at Overells has been an absolute pleasure. After starting out as an undergraduate in my first year at uni, working at Overells has given me the perfect start to my career.

  • The technical knowledge I gained and support I received was second to none
  • Overells' proactive client focus gave me the opportunity to not only get some great experience, but also enabled me to build quality relationships with the clients I was working with
  • I also had the pleasure of working alongside some fantastic people in a environment that is not only hardworking but also fun and welcoming

I would highly recommend Overells!

Bronte Packer-Hill | Overells

Taya Melehan, who spent more than four years working with David and the team at Overells had this to say after she left to move interstate to be with family:
Taya Melahan | Overells
Leaving Overells was a difficult decision to make. I have come to know many clients as well as develop friendships with my co-workers.
  • They work hard to provide excellent service to clients
  • Staff are encouraged to seek ways to improve and find innovations that will benefit clients and the firm
  • There is an unwritten rule that people come first and from that rule, grows a multitude of operational policies to ensure we get each job done correctly within the right timeframe
  • The clients know that they are important to the firm and the staff are encouraged to take the extra steps on their behalf

Andrew Hobbs, who spent five enjoyable years working with David and the team at Overells had this to say after he left to begin his own practice in country SE Queensland:

The internal systems and controls of other firms leave a fair bit to be desired when contrasted to the operations setup at Overells. There are many things that I have taken with me from my time at Overells, including:

  • Electronic document storage
  • Proper task generation and follow up
  • Being proactive for clients - It is quite surprising at how genuinely pleased clients are that you do what you say you will!

The five years I spent with the firm has helped me develop efficient processes at my own practice based on the high quality standards at Overells.

Andrew Hobbs | Overells

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