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"Creating advantage through performance enhancing solutions"

We look beyond the compliance aspects of accounts, to assist with analysing trends and opportunities, using software tools and graphical presentations to show a clear path ahead. We consider your wealth accumulation targets to enable you to choose to "wind down", and measure your annual progress towards these targets.

At Overells, we strive to offer a clear, professional and unbiased opinion on management and strategic decisions.

Accounting systems advice – assistance with selection and installation of accounting software and establishment of efficient office and document management systems.

Budgeting – assistance with preparation of operating and cash flow budgets.

Financial and business management – finance applications and restructures, identification and analysis of key financial indicators, product and job costing, break-even analysis, pricing of labour, policy and procedure documentation, marketing strategies and product/service differentiation. 

Business planning – facilitation of overall operating and strategic plans with a focus on systems to monitor results and ensure actions are implemented.

Business acquisitions, commencements and disposals – due diligence, business plan reviews, assistance with marketing and negotiations.

Examples of excellent outcomes you could expect to see:

  • Assist mining engineering consultants to achieve significant increases in turnover and profitability through business consulting.
  • Estate planning strategy, in conjunction with solicitors and financial planners, for a large wholesaler/importer resulting in potential for smooth and cost effective transition of his business to one family member while protecting the interest of siblings.
  • Restructure shareholdings of majority shareholders in a large architectural business resulting in dividend flows of more than $1million captured in a tax free environment and tax effectively available to the shareholders after sale of shares in the business.
  • Extensive honing of business management practices for a large manufacturer, ensuring survival through the GFC while main competitors went under.

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