Email attachments not opening


It has come to our attention that some clients are having trouble opening attachments sent from us.

We have researched the problem extensively and found that it is a known fault with certain providers.  The best method to diagnose and resolve this issue long-term is to visit your local Apple Dealer and speak to a "genius" or technician.  Providing them with information will help them better understand what needs to be fixed.  The more people who report the fault the more likely it is to be resolved quickly.


If you are unable to contact Apple here are some details about the issue and possible ways to mitigate it:

It appears there is a problem between certain email systems where they are not compatible so the recipient receives a 'plain text' email with an attachment named 'winmail.dat' which cannot be read.

The causes of this include:

·       Antivirus software interfering with the incoming email that renders the system unable to decode the email properly

·       A new bug in certain MAC OSX systems (including El Capitan) that prohibits the proper decoding of email produced by Outlook (a common company email software).  This is a known issue being looked at by Apple

·       The email software does not support the latest email formatting standards and thus is unable to open the emails correctly.

We have tried emailing affected clients in 'plain text' but the issue still occurred.  As such, if you are experiencing the problem there are a few workarounds you can try:

·       Install a winmail.dat viewer which can open the attachments.  A free program available can be found here

·       Alternatively you can forward the email to a product that is compatible, for example Gmail.

We have found that when we reply to clients and resend the attachments they are able to be opened, we are happy to do this whenever you advise us you have encountered the problem. 


We understand that this issue is frustrating for everyone which is why we have done extensive research to try and establish the cause of the problem.  Thank you for your patience and understanding, it is greatly appreciated.

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