An innovative recruitment approach

No doubt as we have found you can experience problems with the cost and lack of value when using traditional recruiters. 

We thought we would let you know that we have had some great outcomes using a new model that takes an interesting approach – it goes under the banner of "RecruitLoop".

RecruitLoop is an online marketplace of independent recruiters, who charge an hourly rate.  This represents a big difference from regular recruitment agencies that charge a commission on salary.

You can search and contact recruiters directly through the website, or post a project and receive proposals from recruiters.  Once you select one to work with, they can help with a lot or a little of the recruitment process.  You have access to an online project where the recruiter adds any activities and other costs (like job ads) – it is very transparent!

One of RecruitLoop's big technical innovations is recorded video interviews.  This is new technology to replace phone screening, with one-way interviews online.  You are able to set interview questions then send a link to shortlisted candidates.  Candidates record a response at home using their webcam, and you watch the interviews at a time convenient to you.  This process can be a real time saver!

The video product is free to use for small employers. Go to for further information.

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Please note that we have trialled the majority of these products and have found them to be relatively reliable and user friendly. We have not undertaken a detailed verification and we therefore suggest that you discuss the products with your computer advisers before using the technology.

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