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Live chat is designed to make it easier for your clients to contact you, as well as providing you with the ability to respond to queries straight away.  When your chosen operator is signed into the Instant Messaging (IM) program, the chat box will automatically update to let your visitors know you are online and ready to chat to them.  Conversely, when your operator is offline, the chat box will ask for visitor details and send you an email instead.

A quick browse on your search engine will reveal a range of providers for Live chat, many of whom provide the service for free or at a low cost.  Once you have found a suitable provider, the installation process is quick and easy:

  • Sign up with your desired provider for Live chat
  • Download and install an IM system (your Live chat provider will usually recommend a program)
  • Obtain the HTML code from your provider for your webpage
  • Go to your website developer and copy and paste the HTML code into the bottom of the pages you want Live chat to feature on
  • Chat away!
Most providers allow you to monitor how many clients are browsing on your website, as well as which pages they are on!  

You will also receive an array of statistics from your provider which show a record of all conversations and some providers will integrate your chat and website statistics with Google Analytics.

For more information on Live Chat – feel free to contact us!  

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Please note that we have trialled the majority of these products online and have found them to be relatively reliable and user friendly. We have not undertaken a detailed verification and we therefore suggest that you discuss the products with your computer advisers before using the technology.

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