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Need a quick job done but don't have a staff member with the time or specific talent needed?

In our business we don't have the need to employ a graphic designer.  However on occasion the need for these services arises.  As an example, with the increased use of social media, we sometimes need new logos or images, such as our new QR codes.

This is where freelance web-sites such as Fiverr, oDesk and Goferr come in to play. These sites put you in touch with someone who has a skill you need at a price you are happy to pay.

Fiverr is a site where people share what they are willing to do for $5.  An example of this is the QR code above, for which we paid $US5 per personalised code with our colours and logo.

Goferr is Fiverr's 'big brother' - the cost, at $25, is a little more expensive – however you can expect to get more than you can get on Fiverr.  We have obtained personalised videos through this service which we use to promote our cadetship.

oDesk is a global marketplace that helps businesses hire, manage and pay remote freelancers or teams.  You can use this site to find people to work on a project for hourly rates or on a fixed price basis.  We have not used this service, but it has been recommended to us.

If you are looking to get a small job done and don't have the right skillset on your team – why not think outside the box and use a freelance site?

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Please note that we have trialled the majority of  these products and have found them to be relatively reliable and user friendly. We have not undertaken a detailed verification and we therefore suggest that you discuss the products with your computer advisers before using the technology.

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