Sharesight is a cloud based investment portfolio tracking and reporting system which tracks all purchase and sales information, and automatically records corporate actions such as dividends, share splits and capital returns without you having to do a thing. 

You are able to track the following within your portfolio:

  • shares listed on local and global exchanges
  • managed funds
  • exchanged-traded funds
  • unlisted managed fund
  • listed bonds
  • cash and fixed interest
  • unlisted assets

Setting up your portfolio is very straight forward, and importing trading data couldn't be easier - you can connect to your online broker and import all historical trading data within a few clicks, use CSV files or alternatively, enter trades manually. 

You can send PDF contract notes directly to the portfolio's unique email address and the transaction information will be imported.  Sharesight will automatically calculate the capital gains on sells imported through this method.

Recently Sharesight has also partnered with Xero, meaning all details of share purchases, dividends and sales within Sharesight can be reconciled against bank transactions in Xero.


Sharesight is free if you have less that 10 shares in your one portfolio. 

For the 'Investor' package, $25 per month you get:

  • 3 portfolios
  • unlimited shares
  • email support
  • unlimited sharing
  • Xero integration
  • advanced reporting

For the 'Expert' package, $39 per month you get all of the above, but are allowed 5 portfolios.

If you'd like to know more, head over to the Sharesight website.

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Please note that we have trialled the majority of these products and have found them to be relatively reliable and user friendly. We have not undertaken a detailed verification and we therefore suggest that you discuss the products with your computer advisers before using the technology.

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