Skyroam is a personal global hotspot device that provides fast, secure and cost-effective internet service around the world.  Skyroam's Hotspot currently covers over 60 countries in The Americas, Europe, Asia, the South Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

No SIM card is required for use of Skyroam, though you can insert a SIM card to support a home carrier plan.  The average download speed for Australia is around 19.6 Megabits (2.4 Megabytes) and the average upload speed is 3.1 Megabits per second (386 Kilobytes per second) meaning you may find faster internet abroad than at home!

You are able to connect up to 5 devices and enjoy unlimited data for just $10 a day without having to worry about counting megabytes, figuring out pricing zones, bill shock or a tedious activation process.  What makes it such a terrific option is that, on days when you have access to WiFi at your hotel or when you don't need it at all, you don't pay anything. You can manage it through an app on your phone, and when you need it, it's there.

Read up on the technical specs and how they compare on the Skyroam website.


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Please note that we have trialled the majority of these products and have found them to be relatively reliable and user friendly. We have not undertaken a detailed verification and we therefore suggest that you discuss the products with your computer advisers before using the technology.

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