23 August 2016

CCIQ - EcoBiz

Are you:

  • the owner of a commercial building?
  • a manufacturer?
  • working in a warehouse?
  • producing a lot of waste?
  • paying an Environmental Related Activities (ERA) levy?

Then read on!

We recently tested a program run by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland (CCIQ) called Ecobiz.  It's a fully subsidised program aiming to help businesses become more efficient and save money on their power, water and waste bills.

It started off with a one-to-one coaching/information session at our office at which we discussed our current power, water and waste situation and some easy ways to reduce our bills.  We also considered more complicated and long-term ideas to achieve even better results.  The consultant was informative and helpful, and at the end of the session she provided us with a free online tool to monitor our progress over the coming year. 

To be honest, the tool was a bit fiddly to use so we have opted not to, especially as we are in a shared and rented building so are unable to control some of our bills.  However, the coaching provided valuable information and we believe there is value in the program for anyone who meets the criteria in the bullet points above.  If you pay an ERA levy and complete the program you could be eligible for a 10% discount.

The program is free and a small time commitment (1-2 hours) could assist you with long term savings.  Ecobiz boasts average savings of:

  • 35% of electricity costs
  • 34% of water costs
  • 37% of waste costs

For more information, or to sign up, check out

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