13 January 2016

Efficient Phone Messages

Do you have scraps of paper floating around your desk with phone messages on?  Get rid of them now (after you've returned the calls!) and start using email messages instead.


Here at Overells we only use one system to relay messages to each other – email.  This means there are no post-it notes on desks, and by following some simple rules calls are returned as quickly and efficiently as possible:

  1. The subject line of the email is always "phone message, [time, date]".  There are two reasons for doing this.  Firstly, by having a standard subject, and marking the email as high priority, it stands out in the inbox.  Secondly, if the email gets held up somewhere in the server we know what time the person called.  We don't rely on the time and date of the email as this could be incorrect.
  2. The email body includes:
  • an action
  • the name of the caller
  • their return phone number
  • a subject

For example:

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 This Newsletter, of necessity, has dealt with matters of a technical nature in general terms only. Clients should contact us for detailed information on any of the items in the Newsletter. No responsibility for loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from acting in reliance upon any material in this Newsletter can be accepted by any member or employee of the firm.

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