6 May 2016

How do you Know When Documents Have Left Your Office?

Many businesses use a mail log to track when they have sent something via post.  However, this is an inefficient method; if you need to check when something was sent you have to trawl through the log, and it often doesn't contain details of everything that was in the envelope.

Our office has created a 'mailed' macro in Word.  The benefits include:

-       It automatically puts the date in hidden text in the header so you can open a document and instantly see when it was put in the post

-       Our letters contain links to each document that was enclosed so we can immediately see what was in the envelope

-       The macro locks the document so no changes can be made, you can always see exactly what was sent

We end up with a letter saved in our system that looks like this:

We have also created an 'emailed' macro which works in the same way.  We just copy and paste the email details into the header (these include the sender, recipient(s), date, time and subject) before we save the document.  This can be used for attachments to emails and offers the same benefits listed above for the mailed macro.

For example; when we send a fee it could go by mail or email.  Rather than trawling through email inboxes (plural as it could have been sent from various staff members!) or a mail log, we can open the document and promptly see how and when it was sent to the client.

If you would like more information, or would like to implement a similar system in your office please contact us.

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