15 April 2015

Introduction of Digital Signatures

Overells has been a paperless office for many years but there has always been the need to print documents that require signing.  Now however, there is technology available which will allow legal, digital signatures.  We have been testing DocuSign and will be introducing it to you over the coming months.

You will no longer have to print each document, sign it, scan and send to back to our office – signing will be as easy as

  1. Clicking the link in an email
  2. Digitally signing the document(s) with a mouse click
  3. There is no step three – you're already done!  A copy of each signed document will automatically be sent to our office and to you for your records.


After much research we chose DocuSign as they appear to be one of the most secure providers.  They offer bank grade security for protection, audit trails and robust anti-tamper controls for integrity, and full encryption to ensure confidentiality.  For more information see the DocuSign website.  Using digital signatures reduces the risk of personal documents getting intercepted, read, destroyed or altered while in transit, whether that be via non-secure email or the post.


One of the advantages of this signature method is that you can sign from your mobile device so if you travel for business (or leisure) you don't need to worry about popping back to the office to meet a lodgement deadline.

There are some documents that cannot legally be signed with a digital signature, for example those that require a witness, but most of our ATO and ASIC documents will have the option to sign digitally.

If you're not comfortable with the process or don't want to sign digitally for any reason, then don't worry, we will still send you copies through email or post if you prefer.  We will call you to discuss digital signatures soon but in the meantime feel free to contact us with any queries.


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