8 March 2017

Microsoft Word Templates

Before starting at Overells, I had no idea about templates in Microsoft Word.  Then I stepped into an entire world of templates, bookmarks, fields, even auto-text - and I haven't looked back since!

We have hundreds of templates created and saved on file that we use to send out as cover letters or emails for our own work or forwarding ATO correspondence and so on. 

Our templates work by having a set wording for a certain email, then creating fields for every possible variable there could be in that email including the date, salutation, entity names, due dates, who the email is coming from, just to name a few.

We create a 'form' at the top of the document which looks like this:

Where you see the [XX], there is a field.  We then use these fields and place a bookmark into the email below.  All anyone has to do is fill in these fields, update them by pressing ctrl+A, and then shift+F9, so that they show in the bookmarks placed in the email, and they're done!  Scroll down and behold, a fully typed, formatted, all-inclusive email:

How efficient is that!?

These templates can be made as simple as the above, or can be made to be very clever – the limit to the things you can do is honestly your imagination.  You can add as many fields as you like.

If you like the sound of templates we would be more than happy to go through and create some with you.

* * * *

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