Archived news from: October 2009


  Cadetship Presentation       


On 9 October 2009 Overells opened our office for 9 St Aidan's High School year 12 accounting students to show them a little bit more about Accounting in the workplace.

The Overells team provided morning tea, and introduced themselves to the students before Gavin Weller and Marcus Hill explained to the students what working in our team is all about and the benefits and resources provided to our team members. Marcus, one of our 2008 Cadets, told the students of his experiences in the role, and was able to show the students the benefit to his career.  

Next the girls were given a tour of the office and were shown the benefits of our paperless office and the setup of the office.  

The girls then were able to ask questions about working with Overells and working in the accounting industry before getting some 'eyes on' examples of the software used in the industry.

On review of how the morning went, Gavin said that "Jan and the girls seemed to get a lot out of the presentation and were very enthusiastic in their questions and participation.
It was great to be able to give them an insight into what accountants actually do in their day and the feedback from Jan afterwards was that the girls really enjoyed and appreciated the morning."

A great morning was had by all.

Overells thank Jan Hannagan and St Aidan's for the pleasure of the girls' visit.