11 April 2019

Single Touch Payroll - Are you Ready?


Starting from 1 July 2019 Single Touch Payroll (STP) will be mandatory for all employers in Australia with 19 or fewer staff members.

If you're unsure where to start or would like to know more about the low cost application to support STP functions, come and join us at our in-house seminar.

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When: Thursday, 2 May 2019 at 10:30am
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By: Thursday, 25th of April 2019

STP: Are You Ready?

Its going to be a huge rush for a lot of small businesses coming up to July which could cause some chaos. Now is the time to adopt the changes to allow yourself a few months to get into the rhythm of filing and nut out any problems that may arise.

In a nutshell STP requires employers to report payment such as salaries and wages, PAYG withholding and super information directly to the ATO from their payroll system. This must be reported after every payrun has been finalised but no later than the employees payment date. 

STP is not a trivial matter for employers!

If you would like to set up the STP application via your nominated software, we have provided some links below to common systems that we know our clients use with detailed instructions. You must register your software with the ATO firstly before proceeding with the set up - instructions on how to do this below.

If you have any STP questions or are having trouble enabling the function in your computerised software, give us a call or shoot through an email and we can walk you through your options to make this transition as painless as possible.  


If you have access to the ATO business portal, you can activate your account online instead of directly calling the ATO to register. Just follow the steps below and you are good to go.

1ST STEP- Log in to the ATO Portal

2ND STEP- On the left side, click on "My hosted SBR Software service"


3RD STEP- Click "Notify the ATO of your hosted service"

4TH STEP- Search Xero's (OR what software you are using) ABN: 41 010 646 189

5TH STEP- Add Xero's software ID (OR what software you are using) as displayed on your Xero Single Touch Payroll Set up. For Xero You will find this in Step 2: Provide proof of ownership

The link between the ATO and your software provider is now established. 


If you would like to set up STP in your Xero, click the Xero Single Touch Payroll icon below! We have also provided links to instructions for the various software providers as displayed below.  

Xero Single Touch Payroll

MYOB AccountingRight v18 upwards

MYOB Essentials

Quickbooks Online

Reckon Online

ATO helpful tools and FAQ documents
Single Touch Payroll - Small Employees
No cost and low cost solution for Single Touch Payroll

Please contact our office to get this set up ASAP prior 30 June to make sure you comply!

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