26 June 2015

Tax Time Means ATO Scams Are Rife!

As you all know, it's tax time.  What you may not know is that this means calls from the ATO are more prevalent, and calls from scammers are too.  So, how can you tell if a caller is really from the ATO?


•    Genuine ATO callers are likely to have contacted us first as your tax agent.  They would also not object if you referred them to us


•    A genuine ATO caller would know who your appointed tax agent is and would not need to be given our contact details


Calls from scammers can sound realistic but be quite aggressive; sometimes they accuse you of tax evasion or fraud, or advise that there is a lawsuit against you.  One lady managed to record her call – you can listen to it here.


If you do receive a call that you suspect is a scam this is what you should do:


       Confirm the callers name and the reason for their call

     Refer them to us or call the ATO on 13 28 69 and ask to be put through to the person who called you

     NEVER give out personal or financial details to someone you don't know or trust

     Report that call to


Nobody enjoys a phone call from the ATO, but a scam call is even less appealing.  Keep this advice in the back of your mind when you have any reservations during a call and hopefully you'll be one step ahead. 


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