12 January 2016

Windows 10 Security Warning 

The following suggestion has been bought to our attention.  Before taking any action on your own machine(s) we recommend you discuss it with your IT provider.

It has come to our attention that when people convert or buy Windows 10, a security setting is automatically switched on. You can check your security settings by going to:

  • Settings > Update & Security
  • On the left hand side select Windows Update
  • On the right hand side select Advanced Options
  • Select Choose How Updates Are Delivered

 This is the option that is switched ON as standard.

The two options that are given are:

  • PC's on my network – this option will allow other computers in your house or office to share the Update Data
  • PC's on my network and PC's on the internet – this option is the same as above but ALSO shares with computers nearby on the internet

The first option is fine to use but if you have the second option selected, you will run the risk of hackers getting their hands on your information more easily.


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 This Newsletter, of necessity, has dealt with matters of a technical nature in general terms only. Clients should contact us for detailed information on any of the items in the Newsletter. No responsibility for loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from acting in reliance upon any material in this Newsletter can be accepted by any member or employee of the firm.

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