16 December 2015

Xero's New Two-step Authentication Process 

Xero has very recently introduced a two-step authentication process for logging in to your account.  The process uses the 'Google Authenticator' app which you are required to install on your phone in order to enable the process.

We decided to give it a test in-house, and have chosen to implement it in our office as a result.  It's quick, easy, and gives another layer of protection which unfortunately in this day and age is turning out to be a must-have.

Here are instructions on how to set the two-step authentication process up on your account:

  • Log into Xero as normal
  • Go to the drop-down arrow next to your name in top right-hand corner
  • Account
  • Xero should default to the 'settings' tab
  • Locate two-step authentication and click 'setup' as shown in the image below:

  • Follow the prompts on-screen, in short:
  • On your phone, go to the Google or App store (or equivalent)
  • Search for 'Google Authenticator'
  • Install
  • Open the app, tab 'begin setup'
  • Scan the barcode on-screen, or enter the key, from within the google authenticator app
  • Enter the key within the time-frame shown on the app (after 30 seconds the code will reset)
  • Enter security questions
  • Click done

Two-step authentication is now enabled.  You can disable it at any time by following the first four steps and clicking 'disable' in the two-step authentication section.

To ensure the setup has worked, log out of Xero now and log back in.  Xero will prompt you for the code.

  • Open the Google Authenticator app
  • Enter the authentication code

If you would prefer not to have to do this every time you log in (which may be multiple times a day) tick 'remember me for 30 days'.  Selecting this option means that the device you have ticked 'remember me' on will not ask you for a code for a 30 day period.  If you (or a hacker) attempt to log in on any other device during this period, you (or they) will be asked for a code.  It actually works well, as you can use this as a prompt to update your Xero password, which is recommended for best practice. 

If you need further assistance, please contact us, or visit the Xero help pages below.  We will be more than happy to help.

About two-step authentication:

Setting up two-step authentication:

Log in to Xero using two-step authentication:

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